2006 to Present: Unrealized Proposals

Doral, wall elements

As always, I am grateful for opportunities to propose for various institutions. The work in this gallery was created fully on paper and in a digital world, however it was not funded for completion in physical reality. I am quite fond of these pieces, and some came close to being realized. Continue reading

The Einstein Cafe, a site specific public installation at Miami Dade College- Hialeah

The Einstein Cafe         watercut aluminum, powdercoat, automotive paint              16 ft x 9 ft x 6 in                     2010

This project created an outdoor classroom/ study area for the Math Department at Miami Dade College’s Hialeah Campus. This small campus offers an almost family style administration and faculty as mentors to an urban immigrant and first generation American population of young Hispanic students. Many of their students come from local high schools, including the one I work at. I was one of several artists asked to create a proposal for an underused picnic area that used Albert Einstein as a jumping off point.

The result was this collage of images that came from the life of Einstein, from his youth to his enduring legacy of words and ideas. The work is created from water cut 1/4 inch plate aluminum, powdercoated or painted with automotive paint. The work was installed by TM Development, a general contracting firm with a Cornell trained engineer at its helm. The images were drawn, or cut  as relief prints, by the artist and then fabricated from the original images. Each of the images was chosen to create a conversation about Einstein that could be engaged through interdisciplinary study, utilizing both Math and other knowledge about this remarkable man.

Process: DC Art Press Folio, 2010

This work is a portfolio that came from a collaboration with Leon Loughridge of DC Art Press. After flying into Denver on the way to an earlier residency at the Ucross Foundation, I saw one of his books at the Denver Public Library’s Artist’s Book Collection. Not only was the work exquisite, but the book included a fine explanation of reduction woodcut printing.I met Leon in Denver after several attempts, returning through Denver from an artist’s residency at Jentel in Banner, Wyoming.

Leon publishes an annual portfolio of prints, print processes, and other work that includes an image by another artist. I am honored to have been 2010’s contributor to “Process: DC Print Folio.” For this publication which was entirely printed on the letterpress at DC Press in Denver, Colorado, I contributed an essay on the topic of process and a 5 inch x 7 inch multiple color print printed on Kitikata paper for the edition of 30 folios. My print was printed at the Jaffe Center for Book Arts, at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida.