Every Pot Has a Lid, an artist’s book

Every Pot Has a Lid           8 inches x  9 inches  x 1/4 inch            2003

This book is a fable using simple household objects to express the complexity of relationships. The artist borrows quotations from notable historic figures to unravel and examine the permutations of love. Haiku written by the artist further iluminate this mystery.
A Japanese stab binding encloses inkjet prints of the artist’s original drawings that have been digitally colored. Printed on Unryu paper. Covers are book board covered with brown bark paper. This book is an edition of 20.

Every Lid Finds a Pot, an artist’s book

“Every Lid Finds a Pot” in an artist’s book in an edition of one. Drawn and painted on one side, with hand lettering and collage on a full sheet of Okawara (36 inches by 72 inches) the book is folded into sixteen panels and cut to create a serpentine book. The covers are ink dyed mango paper over book board with cotton ribbon ties. The book is mixed media: charcoal, ink, and gesso. The back side of the book is collaged with white paper maps of South Florida and Baltimore on the natural colored Okawara paper. When displayed backlit, hung vertically, both the images and maps are visible.