watercut aluminum

“When We Work,” Station #8, Gainesville Fire Department, Gainesville FL

When We Work          aluminum, powdercoat, diamond plate           72 inches x 60 inches x 3 inches           2012

This work resulted from earlier calls for Fire Station related artwork, a son who is a fire fighter, meetings with the City of Gainesville Cultural Affairs, and the Gainesville Fire Department. The work is watercut aluminum, diamond plate, and powdercoating.

Mountain Tops, an artist’s book

Mountain Tops             45 in x 11 in x 3 in (open)               2011
“Mountain Tops” is an accordion fold structure made from powdercoated watercut aluminum, rivets, aluminum mounted C-prints covered in plexiglass, dye on linen, canvas, and teak dowel. The font used for the haiku is Regallo Aplaya from T.26.
This book has two C-prints mounted under plexi on aluminum, one drawing and one print cut from aluminum plate, two panels of words (a haiku written by the artist), and a canvas carrying sling. The book is created in response to an artist’s residency at Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, Oregon during the summer of  2007. This book received an honorable mention in the 2010 Florida Artist Book Prize at the Bienes Museum of the Modern Book. It is an homage to Jim Findlay who helped me gain access to mountain tops with his support.